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Georgia Nights

I feel the rain on my window pane
Wakin up in cold sweats Havin dreams of goin out with a bang
My papa died by the gun
I’ll die by the gun
And if I ever have a son he probably die by the same Pray to God I don’t curse my seeds
And my baby don’t come out with some kinda disease Due to my bad deeds
Every breath I breathe and every step I take
The clock tickin’ bring me closer to fate
Papa died at 25 so he must’a been great
They say the good die young; I must be on my way
And if today that day, then I’m-a die like a man
With a smile on my face knowin’ I never ran
Tell my girl and my niggaz I did all I can
Came up with a plan, at times got sidetracked
Enjoyed bein young and rich and you ya don't give back
Tell them crackers kiss my ass, I was proud to be black Yeah

CHORUS: A rainy night in Georgia x2 Oh it’s a rainy night in Georgia! Lord I believe it’s rainin all over the world

2: Have a party at my funeral celebrating a life
When I died a baby was born that very same night
As It took its first breath, I took my last
Life flashed before my eyes; what I did in the past
You know, my first piece of ass The jokes in the Lex
And the silly shit we did for the love of the cash
kicked doors, fist fights, Wild parties and shit
All the cars a nigga drove, you know, Ferraris and shit Then I felt the warm feelin from my head to my feet
I couldn’t move, tried talkin, but I couldn’t even speak
Heard a familiar voice, ’son come here to me’
I tried viewin who it was, but I couldn’t quite see
But I know I feel comfortable, soul at peace For the first time ever nigga felt stress-free
If I could rewind the time, [I’d] do it all the same
I’m lookin down over Georgia as it’s startin to rain, hey

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