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Get A Real Job

Frozen to the boneYou have to make a livingBut you'd rather be at homeYour eyes start getting heavyStill you forge onWake up and face the worldAND GET A REAL JOBGET A REAL JOBYou get a little olderYour bones are brittle and weakDizzy in the morningYour pulse is sounding weakYou hate to go to workJust living for a jobWake up and smell the coffeeAnd get a real jobGET A REAL JOBGET A REAL JOBGET A REAL JOBGET A REAL JOBSoon you will retireOr maybe have a strokeYou cannot feel your finger tipsBecause some veins have closedBut still you drive a hackOr push a hotdog cartNow it's too late for youTo get a real job
M.o.d Get A Real Job

Date Added: 2007-12-14
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