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Get It Off Ya Chest

Got a problem wit me, get it off your chest nigga
You got som’n to say, get it off your chest nigga
I did som’n to you, get it off your chest nigga
This is what you need to do, get it off your chest nigga
I ain’t about to hide, I’m standing outside
Come and get some of this motherfucker formaldehyde
Go, follow your pride, get it off your chest nigga
Get laid aside, get it off your chest nigga

[Verse 1]
It takes a nation of millions to hold me back
I got that cortisac, cadillac in the back (wax)
Cadillac with that diamond in the back, with the chrome tracks
You don’t like what you see,you seen an saw som’n bald
Well explain it to me, like I’m a 5 year old
It ain’t that hard to see, it ain’t that hard to tell either
Let that nigga be
Right there with the shells leaving you, an hennessey
Yea I got a body drug
I don’t really give a fuck about who about what
Man this nigga next to here, and that nigga over there
Which bitch in a bunch shit, I ain’t really tryna hear
I make niggas like that disappear and exit through the rear
You wanna by em homie, get it off your chest
Common cozzy and scooch maserati
That inflammatory body, the body airborne shot and inflammatory
Yea different day, same bullshit and the same story


[Verse 2]
I’m jus tryna get the boat in Miami beach
Take a bite outta life, like a apple, a pear or peach
You wan’ a pair a these, they’re for free open for the public
Come an get a dose, a dosage of the sunder bubble
Let’s go hit the spot, smokin’ at the subble bubble
In my coca sacks, lokin’ snoopy and a couple of these bong mix
Indian, Egypt and a couple other kind a breeds
Ordering liquor by the double
As I glance over to the right, I see not’n but trouble
Niggas mad dogging,I ain’t seen this since I was younger
Move slowly nigga,that’s what I’m thinking on the under
What you know me nigga,my hands tight around the thunder
I wonder what it is, life a show biz
5 kids poetry 5 word riz
I got a question for ya, jus listen to me carefully
I got this question for you, recipe to what the rest to be


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