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Get Me Some Money

Yes sir. The realest nigga in the game. Juicy J. It's going down. North North.
Y'all nigga ain't ready. We gettin' this mothafuckin' money. I thought y'all niggas knew this shit. Lets do it nigga. Come on, lets go.

Imma rob me a nigga, imma rob me...
I'll give you what I am and tell them give me some money
If you don't know who I am I'm that goon selling yams
I'll give you what I am and tell them give me some money

(Juicy J)
It's the return of them dopeboys getting this money man
Selling pills and weed methamphetamines and cocaine
And them jack boys that be down for a robbin'
And them real goons that be down for a poppin'
Have them niggas out here makin' money with this pimpin'
All my niggas out here man gettin' it how they livin'
I went from the projects, fucked up, eating Spam
Now I'm ridin' 30 inches tryin' to push a lot of grams
Leeches on my dick cuz they know that I'm the shit
Haters keep on hating cuz they know that I'm the shit
Nigga I'm on the low, yee ain't know I got dem bricks
I'm getting this money over here I got you bitches sick


(Project Pat)
The pistol's cocked man, bullets gon' fly dog
And when I swipe this magnum Imma tear your jaw off
I blew your balls off, you niggas cumin
Before they stepped out the trap I was dumpin'
Cuz for that money a nigga dance with death
Man I'm a convict and felon, ain't no chances left
I'm to the death, me and she got a chemistry
Nigga out here feel me, ever had your stomach to your back?
Now that's rob or die
A situation I don't know and me so low on bread
Get two stacks to get my case dropped my lawyer said
The barrels cross your head I ain't like ya anyway
A nigga out here starvin' bout to die and you wanna play?


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