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Get Rich

Turn up
Turn up

Whippin and wippin, Im breakin my wrists
Im fuckin your bitch
Takin a trip
Im so rich
Oh, so rich
But Im still here and lis
Still here lis, still here lis
Still here lis, still here lis
MP on my wrist
Im fuckin your bitch and were making a trip
Im Rich The Kid
Soldiers, Rich The Kid
Feel good to be rich
Versace, Versace , theyre all on my dick
MP on my wrists
I know Im the shit
They cover the deeds and cover the shit
Give me a hello if the nigga is the shit
All of my niggaz theyre on the block
Trap, trap
Get rich
Trap, trap ,get rich
Bad bitch, Im making her strill
Niggaz talk shit, theyand they claim
Fuck off my way
Pull up all your block and you know they spring
Niggaz get up if they think Im playing
Its so damn G ,were blowin with Jamaicans
Turn p, turn up ,turn up, all the smokers low
Pull up to the club and I shoot at the crowd
Ill turn it up, Im not turning down

Im breakin my wrist
The police are breakin my spine
Im jumping the fence
Nigga, Im finally rich
All these bitches are ballin me
Come and go, you company hoe
Youre rich, homie, you got a whole lot of cash
You think Ive got bricks in the wall
Youre lame, my company bitch , got a bitch with her
You put me in the kitchen, Ill show you how to do it
Im living my life as a movie

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