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Get Ya Back Broke

[Chorus: Malachi + (Kevin Gates)]
Girl.. you got my mind to the max Imma rock ya body
(Tonight we go to the max, let it be no stopping)
Bedroom lights, wanna rock ya body
(And if you freaky I eat it and beat it so proper)
Can't remember feeling like
(Weak sex be similar to a bad joke)
Never seen her feeling like
Probably want a million right
(The way I'm feeling you really could get ya back broke)
Never knew a nigga like this
(Let me hit you from the back, get ya back, get ya back broke)
Probably want a million right
(Let me hit you from the back, get ya back, get ya back broke)
Never knew a nigga like this
(Let me hit you from the back, get ya back, get ya back broke)

[Verse 1]
Well it be like I try to fuck em right after I meet em
Nibble her ear, rubbing her clit, lot of touching and teasing
We went from just conversing briefly to frequently speaking
Rocking my boxers watch you model Victoria’s Secret
I mean that
I gotta glimpse of you naked, I lean back
She rawer than an uncut package of clean crack
First time ever 'round real street niggas
In a hood where Dead Game like the dream team nigga
Here I go caressing her thighs, rubbing her titties light
Know that she was stressing with guy, cause he ain’t did it right
Kiss it but won’t lick in the middle, and he don't hit it right
Kevin Gates, I’m sick of this nigga, he just won’t get it right
We can do it like this, Imma be real with ya
Counter top, halter top, let me deal with ya
Living room, sofa sets, don’t it feel different?
Your man coming home, tell him he can deal with it


[Verse 2]
Rough sex, bed shaking, her legs facing the ceiling fan
My hand placed on her waist, facing the pillow sham
From the back, all in the mirror pushing her ass out
Grip her ankle, pinching her nipple, pulling her tracks out
Feeling her reflection, being pleasured in a glass house
Went that extra measure, made it special before she passed out
Hit her on the floor, hit her on the couch
Make her tap out, blow her back out
It’s like a movie the shower steams, the shower scenes
This our thing, and she replies with louder screams
The phone ring and two servers brought in the room service
This like a dream cause how it seem is too perfect
Licking her lips with her ready face and her negligee
And if we finish too early we'll take a second take
I can’t forget when I saw you out on the balcony
So I made it my business to raw you out on the balcony


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