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Getting Money (Remix) [SOLO]

Yeah, Hurricane I got you
Mrs. Wray talk to em'
It's all I know
I got us
We can only go as far as we can take us
Let's go!

[Verse 1]
Stacks on the dresser, pistol under pillow
Breakfast on the stove, crack a cigarillo
Y'all boys pussy, find yourself a dildo
For real though, no counterfeit
For real doe
For real doe, I'm ill, ho
I peel slow, in the wheel-o
And the wheels glow, the tire lips poking out like Lil Moe
The roof playing hide and go seek, so Robert De Niro
And my checks is the only one that call me zero
Yeah it say "You are one zero zero zero zero zero zero"
I'm at the bank waiting for the check to clear, ho
And I don't need a yes man 'cause I'm from the NO

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