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Ghetto Gospel (Instrumental)

And I'm seeking on the edge of my beer holding my head
Tryin to make this stake like a baker
And you some bread
My mama said hustle and dust come with faith
Time do the crown you'd better be prepared
For what calms with it the killer they call conviction
Snoring bitches just snitches often to get it quit it
While the real set the queeze it, why the way why they live it
And all because I say dope shit they on a mission
Then nail my black answer the wall with a conviction
I pray the law real me but really law is a
Pray and when I'm in trouble I speak with full palm
I say I not became but I' George John
I must be in the clutches just sayin it's all one
My mama took you to the related to read my palm
She could beach on my .say they protected em from harm
But f*ck is all witch .winning got a gun

Oh Lord, Jesus, glory
Oh Lord
Oh Lord, Jesus, glory
Oh Lord
Looking at the bezzle of my brighten
Thinking that I used to rap for enlightening
But I got led by them god selling lies for the white man
Now I sell pies a gospel white here
And my tour bus is. the move
This must be the high we felt when the revolution failed
And I open it and talk em on
You know the finish falls but it feels like yeah
I may have lost my cause but not my reason to rebel
Revolution that we .I'm in jail
And the seals call me nigga either way when I'm in nail
Just like they've being popped
Just like they being me
Just like they moving .if they see
And ain't just not this if does doesn't
For my people and my people free forward
The Lord never break us if we never wanna call
You know

Oh Lord, Jesus, glory
Oh Lord
Oh Lord, Jesus, glory
Oh Lord
Even as I'm standing here iceless, Mike is, priceless
Women with me prettier than Isis
Don't know if she black or a white chick
But I know this p*sy and excitement
Gonna need to indictment
The women and the fame put shade on enlightenment
Other scene dark days come to many brighten
Out the scene the day I'm dime fine
As the fine one take the nine.mine
People depth don't blind
F*ck you with them .hore
Liars of Delilah even Mary Anne looking door
Pretty .she would.see you what they used to
Stone cold bitch she must
Dope bad ass p**sy might
Who an .not in love what don't get it the
She don't need a bar . she just need a booster
She the devil's pie guy, you his fuckin rooster


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