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Gimme Some Time

Mmm, from the first time I set eyes on you
You came onto me so strong
But you've got to take it easy
My love can't be rushed along

Ooh, let me get to know you
It's worth all the time it takes
I can't be too hasty girl
There's way too much at stake, oh

Gimme some time to fall in love with you, baby
If I don't believe in love at first sight
Gimme some time to fall in love with you baby (baby)
Gimme some time to find out if it's right (if it's right)

Don't think you don't get to me
You're everything I want
I'm just not quite ready yet
To tie that little knot
Well, my love's getting stronger honey day by day
But I've got to know for sure

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Date Added: 2022-05-22
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