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Girl, I'm gonna take you out tonight
For dinner and a movie
Then to a bar
Then to my car, and drive you home
Girl, I'm gonna see you move tonight
'Cos your body's so sexy
Wanna kiss you
(Kiss you all over)
Wanna make you mine

But once we're back at my place
We've gotta keep our voices down
'Cos my baby's in the front room
He's twelve months old, can I show you a photo?
He's my baby, but you're my baby tonight

Girl, I'm gonna slowly take your dress off
I have to do it slowly
Otherwise the zip will wake my wife up
And she's got an early start
Girl, now I've got a semi-attached unit out the back
Let's go there - let's go there - u-huh, yeah
And get nude and do nude stuff together

Have you taken your pill?
I mean Panadol, you don't want to get a headache
'Cos you've had some alcohol tonight
And I'm not judging you
But it's probably best to drink in moderation

Girl, you owe me twenty dollars
From the dinner that we had
Yeah, just because I paid when you went to the toilet
Doesn't mean we're not splitting this two ways
I've got a mortgage and renovation planned
I guess you wouldn't understand
'Cos you're just young and free
And you don't have a family
And you've never had to worry about interest rates
Or grocery prices, or Medicare rebates
Or what night's bin night
Or prudent domestic financial management, no!

Girl, I'm gonna make you sweat tonight
'Cos the air con's broken
Oh shit, now the baby's woken
It's probably best if you go home
Girl, but before you go
There's something I must know
Can I feel your boob?

(Sorry, I'm a married man, that was way out of line, so sorry.)

Can I have the receipt for your movie ticket?
I can claim it on tax

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