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Girls Need Love 2

Honestly, you should be here with me girl
Whatever you want from me you shall receive girl
I want you baby and you know thatYou ain`t gotta repeat that
Go ahead and eat it
I just want your lips right between my hips
I ain`t no touch me stud baby you can get in this
Then afterwards we`ll switch
Eat your body right quick
You ain`t never had a woman baby let me show you how i do it
Studs can never say they want it
They say we`re boyish enough
But we look the same with our clothes off
Girl who are you to judge?
You know we got the power
We got the plug
Ain`t no gussing in this room
Baby I ain`t tryna be a thug, yeah
Give it to me like you need it baby
Gripping the sheets
Put your face in the pillow
You love how I beat it baby
Love how you screaming baby
Lemme just teach you baby
And you know exactly what I mean
Baby you should switch teams, yeah
Cause I need love baby
I need love
Baby I need love
Baby, can we get a room or something?
Too, I need love too
Baby you know it`s true
I need love too
I need love too
I need love too
Baby what you gonna do?
I need love too

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