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I got 50 racks in my pocket, and they know that we ready
Everybody know I'm getting money, confetti
Guap on deck, and my shoes is Giuseppe's
Ask what my shoes, and I told her Giuseppe's
I'm rocking Giuseppe's [x8]

[Verse 1]
I'm rocking Giuseppe's, got Givenchy I'm fresh
I pull up on the scene looking clean, they know Soulja the best
I'm flexing, finesse
I flex, I run with that check
Running all on my neck, AP on my wrist
You know everything that I touch turn to gold
And my jewelry froze like North Pole
Giuseppe's Zanotti, on my feet they froze
So cold, my swag is so throwed
Young Soulja GO, I got all these bands
I be in the club, heavy bottles with the zans
Activist, so you know a nigga lean
Got a lot of green, shout out to my team


[Verse 2]
Giuseppe's Zanotti, fresh in the party
Pull up to the club, in a brand new 'Rari
Leave up out the club, in a brand new Audi
Yellow diamond shawty, Giuseppe's Zanotti
These girls they loving my shoes, they digging my swag and tattoos
I took her back in the bathroom, she sucking me up like a vacuum
Whoa whoa, young Soulja know I be fresh
Red carpet, with a brand new vest
I got gold on my shoes, they Giuseppe's
I got ice on my neck, Cuban fresh
A lot of money on me, cause I finesse
Running up my bands, and you know every check


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