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Go Loco

[Hook:] Imma go crazy, imma go crazy, imma go crazy, imma go crazy
Hey yo if i beat this fuckin case people...
Imma go crazy, imma go crazy, imma go crazy

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
This bitch all excited cause she ain't seen a nigga
Like roll a blunt up and light it then pop a bean a nigga
Hey Tity Boi lemme try it, codine a nigga
Hold up dont make me have to murder scene a nigga
Somebody lied, I'm not a star
Got a 45 on my side, choppa by the bar
Got bout 10 grand on me, and my money wrinkled
Left the Unit bought some units broke them all down to singles
All my new hoes on that nuvo, my old hoes on that no more
She want that old thang back, but i won't go
I'm losing my mind in the Louis store
My patnah on the line tryna gimme 9 and shoot me 4
Hold a nigga down, let me live
You know how it is nigga tryna pay the bills
On the real im just tryna dodge the popo...while dealin with the coco


[Verse 2: Tha City Paper]
Im not a star, that means im loco bitch
Well buck, imma rep like this,? zone he on 46
D-strap he on 40 block, T-High he on 43rd
Talkin bout my west niggas, get ya hit for 40 birds
Lemme cop this 40 grand, make it off a ? hoe
Lemme see that oujia board, pop it super mario
Trash bags of loud purp, keep it with my college hoe
Say that nigga talkin shit, hit him at the dollar store
Feds they got me pissed, finna x em out, gotta go
To whom it may concern, bitch you outta here, adios
Shout out to my mexican used to bring a lot of coke
Shout out to my jo nigga cudi bud? not a joke
Say them niggas tellin mane, nah im ain't hold ya head
Still Im on my loco shit, real niggas goin fed
DJ he a real nigga, member me? No sir


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