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Go Thru Face

Darkside (Preditah)

As you can see I got my go thru face on
And they can’t chat shit when I got my go thru face on
Pull up at the show I got my go thru face on
Feds on my case but I got my go thru face on

It’s so true
I drive as fast as the popo do
Tryna say I bust the red light
I know red light
Red light don’t know you
What was my speed
No clue
No speed gun
You was only behind me for about a second or two
So look at his face
Go thru
This is the same face that all the bouncers see whenever they try to fuck around with me
Make man feel like a lower-case g like at the end of the q like a lower-case e
Oh please
Man triple A
You man want me to que and freeze
Nah not me
Never that g
Put on my go thru face with ease


So just act like I told you
You can tell by the look on my face I ain't come here to do nothing else but go thru
So just tell all the mandem roll thru
That’s Boy Better Know plus 20
Questions I beg you don’t ask me any
That means I don’t wanna hear nothing but go thru and here’s your bottle of Heeney
Born and raised in the ghetto
Them a chat to man and a sing for a settle
Put on my go thru face and swing an MC all over the place
Come thru stinkin of Ammo
White air max stone island camo
The weed I’m smoking is very loud
So excuse me if I get a little bit parro


Let me see that face I don’t wanna speak
Don’t wanna email don’t wanna meet
Man don’t care if your hairs on fleek
If you interrupt me it’ll get peak
Don’t take it to heart
It’s not that deep
Respect me when you see me on street
Right now I’m on a serious mission
And man can’t sleep if it ain't complete
Pass me a sheet let me roll one
Big man don’t answer to no one
When I put on my go thru face fam
My dad can’t talk to his own son
Too many man imitate our ting
Leave us man go on your own one
When I put on my go thru face fam
It means there’s no time for a wasteman


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