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Going, Going, Gone

[Verse 1]
Some things in life are meant to fly
And others, they were born to run
You can't tie them up and leavin'
Like the changing of the seasons
Good things, they come and then they go

Like a runaway Southbound train
Like an Arizona desert rain
Like lightning in the sky
Like fireworks in July
Like a left field homerun ball
Like a whiskey shot at last call
It's like she was made for moving on
That girl is going, going, gone
[Verse 2]
I can say it wasn't meant to be
But maybe meant to be is misunderstood
I can't hold on to letting go
Change the way the river flows
Lovin' her's like roping in the wind

Like a runaway Southbound train

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Date Added: 2022-07-01
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