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Gomorrah's Season

that I won't break my honor before all. A one-way mission through life, I won't change my course.There's far too much to experience and accomplish to waste a precioussecond drunk or hazed. An effective revolutionairy through the clarity of mind that I've attained. I see it all for what itis as Gommorah's Season Ends in the grave. So many have become demoralized that now a change must be forced or all will perish in the lunacy once it befalls.Parasites gnaw at the basis, their vulgar ways bring pointless ends.Perpetuating the degeneration.In this self is all I need with this oath that keeps me free.To this I am forever true. I am straight edge.I am straight edge. I am straight edge. I am straight edge.
Earth Crisis Gomorrah's Season

Date Added: 2007-12-12
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