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Good-Bye (City of Dope)

There's 8 million stories in the City of Dope
I'mma just tell you about a few I know

[Verse 1]
I'm in the trap house trapped out
Three naked bitches bagging up sacks
Titties and ass out
Two monkey-men on the door with their gats out
The fumes got a nigga about to pass out
I'm taking pulls from the blacken as I ash out
The .45 hanging out my king-sized denim
A gangster on the stove cooking dinner
The last three hours I chefed six pounds of powder
And three pyrexes
And now I stare at six big breasteses
When I get a call from Alexis
Dyke bitch from Texas
Known to rock 'caine, gold and new Rolexes
Roll on Lexuses
Keep her sexy bitch with her
Hit her with "What up Lexi?"
As I leaned on her Lexus I told her
"Girl, what's up, Sexy?"
And then I told Lexis "You must be tricking and treating"
She said, "Naw nigga, I'm licking and eating"
An out boss bitch in town for the weekend
And she trying to find young hoes to get her freak in
I told her "Okay, but let a nigga lock up"
I told them bitches "Clean the kitchen and mop up"
Told the monkey-men to lock the whole spot up
And stop up as they put all the Glocks and the rocks up
I left in an '85 regal just turning the Pac up
And what?

If I catch you slipping around my way
You deserve to get got
And if you get caught slipping without that thing
You deserve to get shot
Don't be surprised when you see me and my gang
Running up in your spot
When you shake hands and say "hello" to the bad guy

Kiss your ass good-bye
Good-bye, good-bye
Kiss your ass good-bye
Good-bye, good-bye
Kiss your ass good-bye

[Verse 2]
Later around eight I'm on some devilish shit
In room 666 with a devilish bitch
Me and her watching Belly and shit
And she rubbing my belly and shit
Whispering this shit, like:
(Hey Mike how you pay this bitch
How you act like you ain't the one with a dick
The drop on? You got three points left
Now how you gonna let that bitch ball and stunt?
Shit, I might as well fuck the dyke bitch myself
Get my hands on all of that there white myself)
Her jazzy mouth damn near made be smack the broad
But she smart for a bagger broad
Plus she got a body that'll help me bag and rob this dyke broad


[Verse 3]
Brought the plan together with major deception
Had Black call up Lexi at the west end
Told her that she stole my phone
And she was trying to get to her before I got home
The fat bitch catfished, yeah she took bait
Set up a rendezvous with my boo at eight
Twenty minutes later I called Lexi
Said "Bitch, we straight
I got five young broads for you ready to shake
I'm about to come get you, you ready to skate?"
She said "Naw, I'm hungover, I got a headache"
Went to Black, told her "Baby we straight
Let her eat it 'til she sleeping then open the door
She gonna awake to duct tape, face down on the floor"
Sure did, she awoke to my .44
Looking all confused, staring at my ho
Seen tears in her eyes that was oh-so-hazy
Told her "Bitch, God said don't covet your neighbor
You dance with the Devil, you will be disabled
Bitch, I'm a beast and this my bishe
All we do is walk the earth and eat the weak"
She said "Mike how you gon' do this shit to me?
We been doing good business since at least '03"
I told her "Bitch, be a man, this is M.O.B."
The dumb dyke began to lick cause she thought it was a dick

("How my hair look Mike?")
"You look good girl"


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