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Gotta Have Love Freestyle ft. Coal Cash, Tones & Coast LoCastro

But I don’t even know what love means
An unseen disaster that makes laughter become screams
Here’s what floods my dreams with the obscene
So I’m powerwashing sins off of my skin to come clean
And I don’t even know what love is like
To me, it’s the hundredth night of a hunger strike
If I clutch it tight, it runs for its fucking life
When I found it out it left me down and out like an underbite
And it will leave your soul haunted, especially when it locks you unexpectedly like an old ?
It sings the song and the siren, blindly I go toward it
Best believe that I need it, even if I don’t want it
But I don’t know how love’s supposed to feel
A wound forever open, I can only hope it heals
I’m much weaker ‘cause it cuts deeper than folding steel
It’s buried deep but at the very least I know it’s real

It’s problematic, I’m not an addict but still I gotta have it
You best believe it, I’m not a fiend but still I really need it
There’s no way to get around it, I’m astounded ‘cause I can’t live without it
Thought I knew what it was at 16, now I’m all grown, still don’t know what that shit means

[Coal Cash]
Holding a candle in the wind
I been an example of how to gamble without a chance to win
Romance and sin has been trimmin’ my branches
And the spinner’s enhanced by the dance of the avalanche I’m in
Rain drops on a blade of grass, it won’t last a day
Driftin’ away, and it’s fading fast
Maybe I’ll grasp the last ray as it made its pass
A lot to say, but in a way I’m afraid to ask
So long to well spoken days in an age of emotion when I was floating over golden waves
I wave the ? verse the notion of an open cage
Amazed by oceans, a ? broke the boat he made
Butterflies in the stomach as you plummet from mountain peaks
At least you got to reach the summit
So numb it and keep it movin’ ‘cause you’re only human from it
Better to love and lose than never choosing to have done it

I gotta have it, without love it’s like nothin’ else matters
It’s unbelievable, I can’t describe in words, what I see in you
It’s so amazing, soul escaping this world for the taking
It’s so meant to be, you can feel it in your skin with the energy

And I swear I know what love is
Get tear drops every time I say your name but fuck it
Describe your vibe, got a look in your eyes
It’s the real on the outside that cover up lies
Maybe it’s to die for something I truly believe in
Same reason that be keeping me up when, I should be sleepin’
It’s beautiful, like the first time I seen her naked
What I seen is sacred so I need to take it
If you, got the love they can’t, stop the love
But with love, you could give it all and it’s still not enough
It’s not a crush, not that feeling of lust it’s love
It’s based solely off the truth and the trust
The tree reach for the sun, naturally it’s meant to be
I can see with closed eyes this has to be my destiny
I didn’t dream this, so I know I have to smile
Didn’t really know love till the day I had a child, but

I really need it
I know I’ve seen it, somehow I don’t believe it
Somebody tell me what’s the meaning
I can’t describe to the mind, it’s deceiving

Little miss what’s her name, some would say I’m a crazy fool
‘Cause I would throw it all away just to lay with you
And I ain’t even certain if the flirting’s more than what it seems
The purpose that you serve for me is certainly the stuff in dreams
Damn, I know I gotta keep you close
Word to mother like it’s butter on a piece of toast
And I ain’t tryna be a weirdo, I know what I want so I gotta make it clear yo
But please save me from the suffering
A real man don’t fall in love, he stand up in it
That’s what I heard, but my nerves could barely take it
I rarely say it, but the words are very sacred
Fuck, I wish I knew how to make it stop
‘Cause you got me wide open like a vacant lot
But I’m a grown-up, and I know stuff
That’s why I’m never scared to take a chance on your love

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