Diggy Simmons - Great Expectations Lyrics

Great Expectations

Yeah, i'm ready, yeah

They wan't me to fall.
They wanna see if I make it
and my back against the wall put my head to the sky.
No one let them break me
I got great expectations
great expectations

I'm Ready

(Diggy Simmons)
All the stares
And all the glares
They waitin' on him
All the weight
From all the hate
It's gainin' on him
The intensity as he rises
Nobody can disguise it,
It's like he got fire in his eyeslids
The crowd is roarin'
It's so enormous,his blood is boilin'
His head is spinnin',he's focus
He wishes they ignore 'em
Who in they right mind
Want to let his light shine
He ain't even in his prime
Pressure of a lifetime
He standing steady,Head sweaty
He may be nervous,but ready
The skeptiscim lies heavy,he's about to make it [?]

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