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[Devin Millar]
I live in a redneck town
With something more than just frowns
For the people they feel so down
I usually see a bunch of clowns

Others may laugh
Others may cry
And I'm now in the south
But it makes me sigh
He knows karate moves and he
Makes me feel so weird
His daughter like a bitch
Cause she's brainwashed by fear

[Devin Millar]
He's a grumpydad
And I hate that
He doesn't know if he's coming or going
Because he's really fat

He doesn't know about behavoirs
Not even me. Your savoir
I hate that
I-I-I-I hate that
He doesn't know any manners
I'll leave it at that

[Devin Millar]
He doesn't really like my hair
But his life's a devil of dare
I don't wanna be like or his daughter who's a monster it's simply just not fair

Thinking that we're kids
Wanting the dishes washed
Spanks us if we don't
Always wants a talk
Straight out of insanity
But I'm shielded from the awful dream

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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