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Happy Happy (Country Country)


Happy happy, country, country
Somethin' snappy Somethin' funny
Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em have a good time
Don't make ‘em lonely cause it makes ‘em cry
Just give ‘em happy, happy, country, country
That's what they want, man to feel that funky
Happy country music's gonna make ‘em think everything
Is gonna be all right

So many people feelin afraid
It looks like everybody's got it made
So many others feelin' alone
Got no one to love ‘em when they get home


They go to the bar to get away
From all the problems of everyday
Don't need another tear in my beer
I got enough problems, don't breing them here

Happiness and love that's lost
We all want it and we pay the cost
But tonight let me get away
And talkin' to the people, the people say


Date Added: 1970-01-01
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