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He Got Up And Go

He Got up and Go:

It was six a.m.
The clock was ringing
To let me no
That Toley was leaving

And I don’t think im gunna make it
Because Kayla wants to beat me
And im scared from head to toe
Because he got up and go

He won’t be there to save me
Cuz I didn’t give him a second chance
He goes out with an eight grader
And he will go with her to the dance

I am just a punk rocker
He was skater punk to me
But now those nicknames are gone
Cuz I am just so slutty


Got up and go
Got up and go
Got up and go

He no longer loves me
Like I do to him
Before he asked Renee out
We thought he liked Kim

He told me I looked like a rat
Because Kayla wants to hit me with a bat
He doesn’t want me back, my neighbor is a hoe
And than he got up and go


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