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He Hoes

You fellas is he hoes (he hoes, yeeeah)
Wish I could shoot you like free throw (free throw, yeeah)
I don't need no new amigos (amigos)
1 deep winning like I hit up the casino (casino)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

[Verse 1]
Where the real niggas at, I'm try'na locate y'all
Not you little dick niggas that be lettin' these hoes play y'all
Gotta pay her rent so you can come with us to go play ball
Wish a hoe would try to make me pay, I slap a hoe face off
Ain't no love for these bitches, ain't no need to be friends
Like I'm from squad, put 'em in a coffin is what they need to be in
Niggas say they left handed, I know their knowledge ain't right
They don't practice what they preachin', that shit done come from the lie
All these pussy ass niggas in my face
Scared of me, but too pussy to try to put me in my place
Try to jump me, then I keep an unjumpable in my waist
Everybody dead and gone, ain't no witnesses in my case
Fuck a video shoot, fuck an award ceremony
Ain't winning shit anyway, unless a rapper run up on me
I got love for Mo City Texas, that's my hood my nigga
But if it's fuck me, fuck you too, and it's all good my nigga
I don't do no hand shaking, no tellin' what you been touchin'
So they be like we love Z-Ro music, but motherfuck him
Motherfuckers will piss on your legs and tell you it's rain
They hate me cause I tell the truth, ain't scared to tell you you lame


[Verse 2]
And then they wonder why my attitude is fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all
Representing for Sandra Bland, my attitude is fuck the law, fuck the law
And everytime you lie to me homie
It's a target on your eye to me homie
Always talkin' dry to me homie
Wanna do a drive by on me, don't they?
Now you already know I already know you a fraud ass nigga
You can't borrow nothin', you need to get a job ass nigga
Always layin' down, you need to stand up
They passin' out bricks in hustle class, you need to hold your hand up
Always sayin' something about somebody, nobody ass nigga
Only nobody is listening, somebodies can't hear you
You gotta be out of space to beef with Z-Ro
Come fuckin' with me, I'mma run your pockets, bitch I'm D-Bo


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