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Hearts Align

[Verse 1]
Head on my chest
Breaking my bones and i'm falling hard
'Cause you're not my home and I
Find it hard to believe it
When we go out, silhouette dress
I steady my heart and I catch my breath
Do you realize what we had was fleeting?

Would you trace your steps? Would you turn and go?
Do you see my face when you're all alone?

Hold me close, don't leave me
I'm afraid to run in the fire
And I can't stop these demons
Take me back to when our hearts aligned
[Verse 2]
And in the dark
When you kiss my neck, you fold me up
This paper chest
Your eyes flooded through the ceiling

But the love's gone cold and you're on my mind
'Cause you want my days and you haunt my nights

Hold me close, don't leave me

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Date Added: 2022-05-21
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