NATAS - Heaven Lyrics


Mista Hellraiser
Not the Pinhead, not the skinhead
Little nigga you ain't never been dead
So you don't know the dirt one can do and get away with
I'd love to start to fuck with you, kill em off and don't say shit
No, killas don't talk so don't talk to me
Tell me who wants to be that natural born killas walkin' the streets
Why must I feel like this?
Walkin' with a closed fist feelin' like a homicidalist
I'mma stand over your ass on your knees
Watchin' you pray to God, please
Don't let this nigga squeeze
I may as well take you to hell with me
How fucked up shit be
I may as well say "fuck heaven"

Fuck Heaven

Let me turn another page of the unholy story
Gotta do what I do, no nuts, no glory
Follow me to the end of the road on the corner
If you die, you dead, me never been a mourner
You don't want to be seen by my side 'cause that's suicide
But if you down and ain't scared to die, I take you on a murdaride
Killin' for a livin' is how I get rich
Niggas fear me in the hood like the Candyman, bitch
The ghetto legends, NATAS comin' like armageddon
"Do you believe in God?" Don't ask me no stupid questions
'Cause when I'm comin' at 'em, I'm comin' to body count 'em up
I don't give a mothafuck
I may as well say "fuck heaven"

Fuck Heaven

Fuck the police, fuck the Gs
When I think about puttin' you under 6 feet I grit my teeth
Don't get caught between a rock and a hard place
I'm doin' more dirt than Scarface
Death is all I taste
So watch my head spin, (?)
I'm willin' to die for my sins just like my dead friends
Pour out some liquor, so fuck a nigga
You ain't bigger 'cause you got your hands on the trigger
I stick ya
Been doin' dirt for days, I gotta quit
Before they put me in the ground with my balls and my dick
When I die, I'm goin' to hell, y'all
It's too late to cry
My last words when I tell y'all is "mothafuck heaven"

Fuck Heaven

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