NATAS - Itzalright Lyrics


Hey, whassup
I got my nigga in this bitch
Hey nigga, these motherfuckas talkin shit
Well whatchu, whatchu got ta say?

Well whats up bitches, and all you hoes?
I got my hands on my nutsack so here it goes
You see, G I be the T dash N to the T
And I'm down wit the R dash M to the P
So many suckas say my name, its a god damn shame
That yousa chatty ass nigga who ain't got no game
I wouldn't talk about you, and call you weak
When yo poppa smokes stuff, and yo mommas a freak
Bitch boy, you know you can't fuck wit the flow
I got the fat dick trick, wit your bitch you know
And I'mma do this for my niggas who I know in this town
And all you Brandy type niggas just wanna be down

Itzalright, if you high tonight
I said itzalright, if you high tonight
I said itzalright, if you high tonight
[Esham] so get yo panties out yo ass bitch you too tight

I make the hoes say hey, every time they see me
I know niggas deep down inside wanna be me
But fuck that, I'm only out for the loot
Gimme the pussy and the mic I got nuts to shoot
Fuck you dumb motherfuckas wit yo one track mind
Cause a nigga like me high all the time
And I just wanna fuck every ho I meet
If I can bust 2 nuts then fall asleep
I'll be straight like Jake wit the pussy to go
Had the bitches work the pussy fast, work the pussy slow
And if you know a ho like dat, you can send her my way
She be, butt naked fuckin 10 niggas today


Ah one two, tell me whats up with the flow
When I'm bustin nuts in bitches mouth I don't even know
I slap the taste out a nigga mouth who disrespect
You better check yo self before I wreck yo ass
Punk nigga talk shit and ain't got no heart
But ain't never been down with the shit to start
And if you don't know me nigga lets keep it that way
Cause I might be gone off the EMJ
And all you niggas thats killin eachother for hoes
Gettin mad at the bitch for the dick she chose
You betta let that ho go and get another to fuck
Cause you just don't know who dick she sucked


Hey, all you niggas out there thats uptight
You betta go sit back and smoke a fat one
Before a nigga smoke you
And we out

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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