NATAS - Fucking Up the Program Lyrics

Fucking Up the Program

Fuck the dumb shit, this is what I come with
Who wanna ride along wit me as I run shit?
Hoes play the back and get mack slapped
Niggas better know the fact that I'm strapped
And I ain't havin that
Don't tamper with a maniac, cause he's aiming at you for the kill
Drop, duck, and kneel and get fucked if you will
In Detroit, I'm like a devil in hell
Chillin' in the streets givin these fools the creeps
Now it's time to roll down the Ave. with me
Don't joke and laugh with me, nigga I ain't happy
You in my face, get out or get knocked out
Pick up the album if you wanna know what I'm about
Mastamind, the manic motherfucker
The games master's in this bitch, playin these fools like suckas
What the fuck? Another ugly duck with no luck
Rest in peace, with no beef you got fucked like a slut
Young punk, you ain't shit 'til you in the chalk
Dead bodies get dumped, so I bring the dead body funk
Now they after me for my blasphemy
But damn, I am what I am nigga, I'm fuckin up the program

"Fuckin up shit, and shit but a killin"
"Fuckin up shit, and shit but a killin"
"Fuckin up shit, and shit but a killin"
"Fuckin up shit, and shit but a killin"

Motherfuckin up the program, fuckin up your industry
Niggas on my dick, but they ain't no fuckin friend to me
Niggas ain't no kin to me, ain't got no love for 'em
Fuck that bitch, Nina, cause I gotta snub nose for her
Boom, boom, boom, on that ass till ya drop dead
Killa killa cop, cause I want that fuckin cop dead
Mommy, mommy, mommy, why does TNT have a bomb?
Why does he roll with Mastamind and Esham?
Blood's on my hands, I think I killed a man, damn
Wasn't in the plan I ran, cause I'm fuckin up, fuckin up the program


Fuckin up the program call me the Son of Sam
The unholy black devil nigga, that's who I am
What I'm speakin' is blasphemy, blasphemy's what I'm speakin
My suicidal recital, so vital minds weaken
My Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde a suicide
I drive you to suicide, so come along for the murder ride
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6
Here comes the voodoo child to crucifix the mix
I fuckedadid up the program, wha-da-da-dang ya
I'm a fuckin head banga
So tell me why you fear what you hear
Mr. Kill the fetus is back, black I told you last year
Murder me man, shit God damn you better murder murder me man
Cause I'm fuckin up the program

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