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Helicopter Homicide

La musica de Harry Fraud

[verse 1: Jay Worthy]
Ayy, yeah
That bitch you call your wife was my first ho
I use to dress her on the blade in my fur coat
Now you kiss her on the mouth, she used to sniff coke
I had her on the same strip where they sell dope
No shame in it, posting ass off my cell phone
The homies looking at you like a yeedo or a come up
Something in the set that they could feed on
I did my thing up in these streets and that's on P-funk
Spraying paint up on these breakers, blood drip I get my bleed on
Pouring fours of the Wock, I get my lean on
Shit ain't been thе same since G Wee gone
Couplе more Fed' years, face will be full of those tattoo tears
When you come home we're gonna whip you in jet Lears
Where I bodied in the set, had to burn this bitch down
Ho was greener than the Grinch, had to turn this bitch out
[verse 2: Conway the Machine]
Yeah, look, uh
These niggas rap real good, but never seen paper
We major, nigga, the M's about to be a teenager
Conway Machine and Harry fraud beat cremator
From where young niggas push Trackhawks, like they Speed Racer (vroom)
Convertor switch on Glockianna with the green laser (uh-huh)
They tough on Internet, but p*ssy when they see you later (p*ssy)

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Date Added: 2022-08-09
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