Owl City - Here's Hope Lyrics

Here's Hope

[Verse 1]
Everywhere, everybody needs a neighbor
Showing up when times get hard
But there's friends of sons and daughters
Saying grace without supper in your backyard
Who doesn't want to be a hero?
At least a little bit of helping out
There's something you're never going to help or change
But hunger's something we can turn around

Here's hope (Here's hope)
Showing up at your front door
Here's hope (Here's hope)
Yeah what's everybody looking for
Here's your one chance to make a difference
Here's your one choice to give a helping hand
There's room at the table for more
Yeah here's hope.. Yeah here's hope

[Verse 2]
There's a small town girl in third grade
Making sure her sisters get enough
She sees her mama working two jobs
Worrying and crying, doing everything but giving up
If a miracle's a gift when you need it
Then it's time for stepping in
Here's to families and kids
Wherever you live
Never ever wondering again


Here's to going to bed not hungry
Here's to changing the story
Here's to bigger heart and brighter days
Let me hear you sing it for me
Let me hear you sing it for me


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