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Here Comes The Weekend

If we tell you that you've got two days to live
Then don't complain, 'cos that's one more than you'd get in Zaire
So don't hang around and be foolish
Do something constructive with your weekend

From Monday morning I work for Friday nights
Collect my wages, then try to paint on the smell of soap
'Cause tonight I get ready early
Score what I need and go pick a girl up

It seems like ages since we had some fun
Here comes the weekend - I get to see the girls

Long live the weekend, the weekend is here
(The weekend starts here)

Everything feels right now
I know why I'm alive now
Everything else is a lie now
Now I know why I'm here

Here comes the weekend
I'm gonna do my head
Long live the weekend
The weekend is dead

Date Added: 2012-07-22
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