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Here I Stand

im hoping that this aint to hard to believe cause baby your the only one for me i know it get hard when im moving in and outa state but i promise my heart for you i would stay just remember that
****HOOK**** no matter how far i go and no matter how long it takes no one or nothing can change forever yours here i stand (here stand baby) your like a mirror to my soul but a queen (my queen) and finaly now i know just what thats means aw ya your the blessing i never thought i would get and to the lord i humbly bow my head just remember that
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*****BREAKDOWN**** ever since you came (since you came along) it seems like (i couldnt get it right) man i felt so lost and there know way i caould be found (find me) and if you can make love (every time you get get me alone) you make me feel a way i never felt with no one else and i cant help myself im telling you that ***HOOK***

Date Added: 2008-05-12
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