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Hey Everyone

We've all got troubles
We all make mistakes
But let's not take a little river
Turn it into a lake
We've all been humbled
We've lost and we've found
But it can never get the best of us
If we've not lookin' drown

And I wonder
Are there others like me
Yeah I wonder
I've got the whole world left to see

Hey everybody
If you listen to the beat
We'll celebrate it now
By strompin' our feet
Hey everybody
Do you know what I mean
We can get it dirry
While we're keepin it clearn

Na Na Na Na......

You've got it bad
We'll she's got it worse
She got no chocolate in the bank account
No chesse in the purse
You feel neglected with no self esteen
Just when you finally found your glitter
Someone's taken the gleam

And I wonder
Why is life always this way
Yes you wonder
Could there be a brighter day

And I wonder wonder now
(Can we work it out )
And I wonder wonder now

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