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Hey Lil Mama

Hey lil' mama, Hey hey lil' mama
Hey, hey lil' hey lil' hey lil'hey lil' mama [2x]

[Verse 2.Lil' Wayne]
Hey lil' mama it's carter the boss
And I don't like my dick sticky so wipe off that lip gloss
Weezy baby bitch I don't mean no harm
But I swear i'm a goon just like go on (Ah, ha)
I told her like a dino-saur
Bitch they don't make 'em like me no more
So make history or leave my car
And since I be so high they think i'm fucking a star
I ain't gon' lie I be fuckin' them stars
Pussy so wet it get stuck in her draws
Then we fuck like retards
That pussy hot, she got a stick a hockey puck in her draws
And I be Wayne Gretzky
Take the bitch to South Beach and fuck her on a jet ski
Then it's friday ohh mama
And now i'm all sick cuz I done ate her ill na-na (ha,ha)
I'm a nasty ass nigga, and every woman in the world like a nasty ass nigga
So here I am baby, fuck him baby
You want a family? then you can swallow ten babies
Damone i'm gone but before I go
I don't love them hoes (Young Moolah, baby)

Hey,lil' mama in dat Doosey and Gabbana
She a freak just like Madonna
Watch me sneak up right behind her like
Hey lil' mama, in that ____- your a model [?]
In Dem Gucci or dem Pradas
Let a real nigga holla like
Hey lil' mama, hey hey lil' mama
Hey-hey lil' mama
Won't you gimmie a sec..
I say hey lil' mama, hey hey, lil mama
I got a lil' somethin' somethin' that can fit in yo leg
Now C'Moooon

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