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Hey Now

[Intro: Charles Manson]

The reason that the girls liked me was

[Hook: Charlie Manson]

Hey now
Hey now I’m all around you, around you
Hey now
Up on your heart I can sing through you

Hey now
Hey now I’m all around you
Hey now
Up on your heart I can sing through you

And they say hey man, you got soul in that music

[Verse 1]

Eat your brains for dinner, I’m finna kill you
I’m not a saint, I’m a sinner
Light you on fire with paint thinner
How you plan to survive boxing me when I outfox you like Channel 5?
I’m the most dangerous man alive
Known for infamy, program you to kill for me
Hold the fully, pull it, be a wolf for me, take a bullet for me
Give me the Pulitzer for popping mullets verbally
Skull split ya tell the truth, you want sympathy?
You fucking bullshitter you
Rep it like Dutch Schultz did kid
Hell up in Harlem, you made me pop your fucking eye out for Charlie M
Turned you into roadkill, told the prosecutor, “Don’t make a mountain from a molehill.”
You would’ve died in the future, tyrannical chief
Pull out automatics in beef, fanatical with satanic beliefs
Son you like Keanu Reeves in Devil’s Advocate
Malevolent’s my favourite adjective
You agitate, bury you in a grave in a hazel cabinet


[Verse 2]

Abusive brother, shoot you like Glover till you hover worse than the Devil, I fucked Lucifer’s mother
Split her with a caesarean, a pistol-carryin disciplinarian lyricist varying in sadistic barbarian
Sick of you suckers, play you like Cliff on a Rickenbacker
Run up on your clique pop in a clip and buck ya, you chicken fucker
Relax player, feed you ex-lax and Bayer, fuck being a taxpayer, rather be an axe-slayer
Put your nose in my biz, invade my space, what’s your angle?
Your heart is in the right place on the floor mangled
I’m a pimp, I walk with a limp like I strangled my ankle
You’ll end up a gimp when a psychotic chimp attacks you like Hannibal
Manually pull your hair out like an animal, yanking it
Shanking your scalp with a scalpel demonic demonic Emmanuel Lewis
A human puzzle, a beast from the jungle needed a muzzle
Attack you like a bumblebee, in a rumble you crumble


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