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High School In Jakarta

[Verse 1]
Didn't you hear Amanda's movin' back to Colorado?
It's 2013 and the end of my life
Freshman's year's about to plummet just a little harder
But it didn't 'cause we kissed on that Halloween night
I bleached half my hair when I saw Zoe on your vespa
It was orange from three percent peroxide, thanks to you
I needed a good cry, I headed right to Kendra's
I hated you and hoped to God that you knew

Now there's drama (Drama)
Found a club for that
Where I met ya (Met ya)
Had a heart attack
Yadda, yadda
At the end, yeah we burned, made a couplе U-turns
You were it 'til you werеn't
Highschool in Jakarta, sorta modern Sparta
Had no chance against the teenage suburban armadas
We were a sonata, thanks to tight-lipped fathers
Yeah living under that was hard, but I loved you harder
Highschool in Jakarta, an elaborate saga
I still hate you for makin' me wish I came out smarter
You love-hate mother? So do I
Could've ended different, then again we went to high school in Jakarta

[Verse 2]
Got a group assignment, I'll be at Val's place
You don't text at all and only call when you're off your face
I'm petty and say, "Call me when you're not unstable"
I lie and tell you I'll be gettin' drunk at Rachel's

I wasn't
She doesn't even drink

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