Kevin Gates - Hollywood Freestyle Lyrics

Hollywood Freestyle

Lord you don't know 'bout this thing of hours
Try to get cream till the whole team power
Ask curious case, don't be asking them nigga
I die forever pay traft to a nigga,
They say I go to nigga, I don't know how you loving life

passing them nigga, only because he hustle right,
Gotta be up great, I barely make pin up
Time to get a step just strap staring to pick up
I get a little ex and I'm calling the click up,
Gasing love, you stay right 'bout a bitch,
Tearing on a shiver, right when I shit,
Can't make it, had to pair working on a fee
Ball so my ass from a dirt retarded seat
Never between deep, I say it loud
They were forcing abortion, trying to murder my child
Just thought it, but I ain't to see finish
Can't walk away and deep in it
My niggas that ain't call up a slane, they defenders
But guess ain't livin the game, believe in it, just start.

Date Added: 2013-07-26
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