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Hollywood Freestyle

Lord you don't know 'bout this thing of hours
Try to get cream till the whole team power
Ask curious case, don't be asking them nigga
I die forever pay traft to a nigga,
They say I go to nigga, I don't know how you loving life

passing them nigga, only because he hustle right,
Gotta be up great, I barely make pin up
Time to get a step just strap staring to pick up
I get a little ex and I'm calling the click up,
Gasing love, you stay right 'bout a bitch,
Tearing on a shiver, right when I shit,
Can't make it, had to pair working on a fee
Ball so my ass from a dirt retarded seat
Never between deep, I say it loud
They were forcing abortion, trying to murder my child
Just thought it, but I ain't to see finish
Can't walk away and deep in it
My niggas that ain't call up a slane, they defenders
But guess ain't livin the game, believe in it, just start.

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