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How We Do Freestyle

[Boo]B-O-Ogets dat doughplain rose goldwhy I got yo hodont even mention da flowI dont even like rapI just do it for da scrapsgot chrome on my lactoast on my lapcruisin through the cityfox fur on my backman you niggas is wackplus this young money cream got me actin like dat'cause nowadays i aint gotta package dat crackkeep ties to da streets so I aint gotta go backcertified pimpbonafide macki just really fall backi dont chase dat cat'cause lil boo just aint no goodwestside of CHIwhere shit get so hoodnigga act tough then he gon get laid downlook in my face nigga i dont play roundholla at[Mack Maine]Mack Maine uhreal as they cometommy on me aint a hilfiger songrip max da blowpitch black da clothesblack dickie fitblack hatblack girbaudswhip past my foesin somethin he caint affordnah i aint talkion bout honda accordyoung moneywe tourbad bitches adorethey let us all up in the valoresthey say im so hoodpuff dat good goodmy freaks give good headthey all got good jugbe in a black truckhittin dat kill billim probly wit izzelbaby you probly wit trill realrunnin wit hotspittayou know dat we g'd upand hell yeah back in da gwe was reed-upim bout have seedgotta to raise my seed up[How We Do Freestyle lyrics on]now all my dogs in da bingnigga just feed up[Lil' Wayne]I got dat all black porscheon dem double black buttonsblend in so welllook like im ridin on nothintalk a lotta shit but i aint lyin on nothinshe love my satin sheets like she lyin on nothinweezy f baby bitchif ya dont say da babyya make me sickyoung money baby girltake these dicksda new AKs got crazy griphottest of da hot bitchrecognize da niggalookin at my chain like ya lookin at a mirrori aint got no lamborghini doors on dat escaladeimma just go get da lamborghini insteaddown south dreadinsane for da breaddont give my name to da feds'cause they say im so groveim hot so stoveme and money is like khakis and polosWeezy[Curren$y]Why am I so flyi dont knowwhy am i so highdats da drois dat a CL5oh for showho you got insidesome other nigga hoCurrency da hotspittahe a gbitches take me out to eatand you'll be eatin bitches outone thang about da kidto da cold i spitif she aint bout suckin and f**kinshe aint comin to my houseyeahniggas know how I do itwhen I was in school wit my all black gucci'ssittin in da back of da class actin stupidor in C-Murder truck takin bitches to da moviesaw naw hotspitta dogback up in da heezy babyhe's so disrespectful to these ladiesI curse em out and all they say is "You so crazy"

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