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How We Roll

[Verse 1:]
We roll real deep in dat all black impala
Hit da club in all black and dem gurls dey gone holla
Mayne I'm tryna make a dolla outta 15 cent
Just hit me a lick cuz I gotta pay da rent
We sum dirty south mobstahs and west side gangstaz
Full time huslterz you a full time wanksta
Yeah my pants sag and I got a weed smell
Dat's wut I told my teacher right before I got expelled
I creep on da ease wit dat thang in da back of my lac
Got sum in da clip dat'z gone put you on yo back
Gotta stack dat stack, gotta flip dem chips
When you get on top shawty gotta rock yo hips
M2S up on my hat Mississippi on my back
Guap up in my pocket rubberband around da stack
These are just directions of how da game goes
4 deep up in da chevy cuz dat's just how we roll

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