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Human Consumption

A cannibal is a person who eats human flesh
There is much discussion as to whether cannibalism is an inherit characteristic in all human beings or animal impulses or whether cannibalism stands only from the minds of mad-beasts such as some of the most prolific serial-killers

[[noises and phrases]]

Sick fucks with mild mannerism practicing cannibalism
For mass-tex to starving north-koreans in prison
Living Hannibals' vision
Can you stomach the luncheon?
We're butchering the human carcass for human consumption
Uncivilized APS looking to devour you and your dead
'Cause in the head it spiritually empowers you
Overpopulation and famine
The problems solved
Through eating people
There's no need to get cops involved
Partial birth abortion infants killed in vagina
You could buy body-parts
They're eating babies in China
Practice the offegee as soon as you die
Reincarnate as a vulture and eat the corpse of christ,
While crucified
Patient zombies leaving death in the street
Feast on the flesh of Clarice
Cause young girls...
Are the best to eat
At least that your parents that carve you the bible
Support cannibalism
Eat your children when god starves you

[[noises and phrases]]

The last kaboom
Dahmer and Gein delved in it
With shelves of it,
Parts by the dozen sick like filthy clinic
Trapped with no food
Made you a mauler
Even moral christians
Will be reduced to being the animal we all are
Will you survive like the film 'Alive'?
When forced to face cannibalism
Like when the pilgrims arrived?
Albert Fish's fetish for individual mastarcation
Was his equivalent to masturbation
They're looking for people to kill
Consensually for thrills
Advertising for victims on cannibal URL
One victim ate himself with the killer
Then agreed to be slain
Strange, like Ray Liotta being fed his own brains
It's legal in Germany
Believe me
Cannibals are celebrities
Look at movies at UK tv
Dahmer action-figures
The families think it's perverted
The makers said: fuck it
At least someone is eating of the murderers

'Jeffery I hate you! Jeffery's out of control! Don't [fuck] with me Jeffery, I'll kill you... [beep]'
//Audio from the trial of Jeffery Dahmer, the woman speaking had her brother eaten by Dahmer//

[[noises and phrases]]

*On the related subject I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... To eating your wife.

*What the hell are you doing there sitting in the dark?

*Thinking about cannibalism.

*Little is known about the effects of eating human flesh. Some studies have revealed tribes ritualistically cannibalizing became struck with Kuru a disease of the brain later named the 'laughing disease' causing hysterical laughter...

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