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I`ll Fight You

One two, one two, one two (Yeah, one two)

[Vese 1]
Flower my [?] charter
I eat a edibles and write some bars
I scribble legible, it's nice and large
And now wake me when the lights come on (Lets go)
I'm really fillin' out a crisis card
It's one two (Two), countin' vacation days
In day one, out runnin' my elation ways
In day two, rest [?]
And day three, it's a Haiti with a Haiti Davis
One two, middle age poster child
I heard I gotta put the potion down
I heard it's time to put the vocals in
I need to try a new approach again
To really know I was supposed to sound, it's one
I'm in the junglе like Axl Rose
And if you flow through the hood, keep your capsulе close
If you roll through again, it'll suck you in
Here a pump pump, jump into an action pose
It's one two, trying to get my heart restored
I need some money in an aux cord
Into the dummy in apartment four
Said he [?], he was out for blood
Then I was runnin', trip across the floor
It's goes
(How it go, come on)
It'll be endless, I will fight you everyday
(Rap that flow, come on, one two)
It'll be endless, I will fight you everyday
What's the one thing, thing that they say
One that us dance above my pay grade
I don't know man, no, I did though

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Date Added: 2022-08-17
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