NotNo - I'll Be Standing Lyrics

I'll Be Standing

Hey, can you understand me?
When the war comes we'll be alive see
I'll be standing
I'll be standing
And when all the bombs blow up
You know who will still show up
I'll be standing
I'll be standing

[Verse 1]
Got my back against the wall but I can never fall see
I walk like I am tall those insults don't affect me
Cause in the end I always make it right with the lord G
So in return he'll maybe bless my family
And maybe trade my insanity for sanity
When the bloods drowning the truth just follow me
When your caught in a warzone and don't know what to do
I'll be your tour guide and help you see it through
Cause when the topic is war the government don't have a clue
They takin' our money
Maybe its time to sue or break out our AK's
Bulletholes through the roof
Shots fired, take cover
You know what to do, shank 'em in the back
Hide their body and the truth
Put the body in the sewers and get rid of all the proof
We've grown tired of our guns
Now lets break out the nukes
Breaking news
A sea of radiation is now overshadowing all of you


[Verse 2]
Now every hour and every minute
Everything I do, I put my heart in it
If I have to, I'll dye doin' it
If you were me you'd understand it's just hard to admit
In the end I'll be standing but for now I'll just sit
Lay back watch the sunrise and then the eclipse
You think there's a war now?
The real one has yet to begin
In the real world's war you have no friends
No allys to abide you and sit right beside you
This is the beginning of the end
Just like the swine flu
Shoutout to my dying warriors
Sometimes I wish I would've died too
Someday we'll meet again
But for now I'll grab my grenades and pull out all the pins
Throw them at our enemies now my warriors are avenged
There's no need to be scared, God has forgiven of your sins
Now lets go back to the old days when doing what's right was the real trend
We've all done wrong
You can try to be perfect but there's no need to pretend


And when the world's crumbled to the ground
Every building standing tall is falling down
Hey, you know who will be the last left
Still fighting for whatever's left
And I'll be here with all my loaded weapons
If being honest is a crime then I'm a fellon
Hey, I'll be your key if you be my lock
Me without you is like missing one sock
I'm not like all these other guys
I don't smoke weed
I eat fries
I use a ladder if I wanna get high
Live long, don't die

[Hook (2x)]

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