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I'll Holla

[Lil Wayne]
First things first, rest in peace Stack Bundles,
now watch me get up in there ass like crack bundles,
no homo from the home of the black gumbo,
pick rockets on the block with no Mutumbo,
holligrove that my f-cking jungle,
and I’m pulling on that money till it scream uncle,
tug of war, f-ck a war if aint about money,
and they can never run the south because I will out run em,
like re-lay I hustle eve-ry day,
R I C K Ross, horses 12 no V8,
get lost on the freeway,
call me Lil EA,
the son of …
n-ggas wanna g hate,
ya never see me hate,
I swear I just peep chase until my f-cking feet ache,
lost my n-gga stacks, left me with some heartache,
and if there is a heaven for a G
(I’ll holla)

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