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I'm a D-Boy

Yeah, Ok I'm strapped
Get 'em
Black Hat, black shades, black diamonds
Oh Behave
No he can't with the fucking seats back
Got the paint job coke
And the fucking seats cracked

I'm a d-boy
Bitch, I'm a d-boy
Ho, I'm a dopeboy
I got the scope in the rov for them jackboys
I got money in my pocket
I got money in my block
I got the money and the power

[Verse 1]
Thinking of a master plan
I get money, but I'm thinking of a faster plan
I'm trying to cash it in
I got five in that garbage can and the wrap saran
I need cash advance
See, I know three sold
The other two a jam
I'mma sit on one and whip the other one much as I can
Hot-ass fuckin' sedan
Windows rolled down, no sound
Them bricks got the speakers drowned
I ain't listening for shit but sirens
I ain't trying to get to my ships sunk, fuck you pirates
I'll touch you cowards
It ain't nothing to a boss
The niggas in the hood trying to floss and your head gotta cost, nigga
Take a loss nigga
SS 55, all black, with the top chopped off that
Catch me in the spots where the shots pop off at
I ain't trying to prove nothing, I'm just trying to move something


[Verse 2 - Birdman]
See we cooking up a thousand grams
I'm in the kitchen over the stove with pots and pans
Triple color with the platinum jams
50 birds, homeboy, in the back of a van
A hundred grand in rubberbands
We got them birds in the coffee cans
We got the whips with the extra clips
Got bitches outta state
Niggas flippin' them bricks
Been in the Caddy, been in the alley
Nigga been on the block
Right in front of Miss Gladys
Nigga know bout hustlin'
Know bout stuntin'
Did the curb-serving, shined every summer
Been on front, been in the back
Nigga roll with duct tape and ride with the Mac
See these haters like, "fuck them niggas"
We made men millionaires, hustlin' our nature


[Verse 3 - Lil Wayne]
8 AM, open my eyes
Yeah, kick my bitch, tell her open the blinds
And I'm over the stove at 9
Yeah I'm cookin breakfast for the block then I let her cook mine
Yeah quick line in the bathroom before we bounce
Not me, I mean her, she go a-day-an ounce
Y'all pray for her
While I'm at the bus station in the Bentley sitting low as I wait for her
I'm gettin' dough, I'm a paper-boy, I will take you
For the right paper--boy I will take her
Shake her, tape her, waist up
Send her to the money, she be back before I wake up
Getchya cake up
Y'all niggas lame ducks
You probably get your game up when I'm giving the game up
My name Wayne, what
Hot boy flame up
You niggas trying to change up and I'm getting my change up

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