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I'm Gone

Say bitch, who the fuck is you talking to first of all
I don't even know why you talking to me bitch
Cause first of all, I don't even like your ass

Second of all, bitch I don't even know why you talking to me
Cause I don't even like your ass, biatch

Who the fuck you calling a bitch bitch, don't even start it
You just mad, cause you still living in them raggedy ass apartments
Coulda been driving something expensive, just a button push to start it
Why would I bless you like that, you be talking to me like I'm retarded
Don't I come through and give you what you need, whenever you need it
Then you be like I ain't never done nothing for ya, I can't believe it
Ungrateful ass hateful ass, you lucky you ain't a man
Cause I'd break your motherfucking face, and I'd murder you where you stand
And yeah you got that coke bottle shape, but that ain't enough for me
You ain't gotta be street smart, but you gotta have common sense to fuck with me
sponsored links(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});My baby mama can hate me all she want to, she's stuck with me
Ten years my nigga, you know you ain't never bought a blunt from me
I don't ask for much just my respect, the rest of that you can keep it
So much attitude, I'm not even attracted to your Victoria Secret
I hate you bitch, swear to God I hate this bitch y'all
Do 70 miles per hour hoe, and crash into a brick wall

I'm done with dealing, with your attitude
We can't be a couple, if you just care about you
Walking out your life, that's what the fuck I'm gonna do
Bitch I'm gone, I'm gone
Yeah you sexy as hell, but that don't mean nothing to me
All I need is my R-E-S-P-E-C-T
I'm a hell of a man, that's something you won't get to see
Bitch I'm gone, I'm gone

You must of fucked with too many young boys, you can't recognize a man can ya
Rolling your neck and smacking every time you talk, and that's why I laugh at ya
Stop acting your shoe size woman, and act your age
How the fuck can I be serious about somebody, that's always playing games
I'm out chere breaking my back to get it, I swear I earned every god damn dime
But your ignant ass got the nerve to think, you want half everything that's mine
You ain't my wife bitch, living like that that ain't the life bitch
Get the hell out my house tonight bitch, keep the jewelry fuck that ice bitch
I'm the only thang that's priceless, you ain't never gon' find another me
Bitch I been cheating on ya, cause I ain't in love with you I'm in love with me
Thinking I'm fucking another bitch, looking for phone numbers and smelling my dick
And looking for hairs in my bed, that didn't come out your head
Talking shit like you a man too, ooh bitch I can't stand you
With a Randy Macho Man Savage your ass, and body slam you
They'd give me five years in prison, if I stomp your ass
Fuck it I'ma pay a few bitches from the neighborhood, to jump your ass
Street life, that's the only life I know
Street life, can't concentrate on my hustle cause I keep arguing with my hoe
Street life, when I get home I want some pussy and a home cooked meal
After all, I'm the only motherfucking thang paying all these bills


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