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I'm On Now

[Produced by Eskay]

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay
This one for the money boys [x3]
We in the buildin'

Shout out to my niggas that been trappin'
Shout out to my, shout out to my niggas that been trappin'
I'm on now [x4]
Now Ay, Ay

[Verse 1]
[?] ride Mercedes
Shout out to my niggas that been whippin out them babies (scur!)
I'm on now, I can pull up in a Porsche
Panoramic roof fill my top it got divorced (styur!)
Word around town I been gettin to the money (fetti!)
Band up now, now they lookin at me funny (now, now)
Whatchu lookin' at? You must've done it
Whatchu lookin' at? You must be a dummy
Gettin' so much money I been stackin' up the bills (I am!)
I been gettin' fat, pounds weighin' on the scale
Ride through Atlanta and I'm tryna dunk twelve (woop woop woop)
I got so much cash I see your ass to hell


[Verse 2]
I can't even lie
Damn a nigga fly (yuh!)
I be takin' trips, overseas to Dubai (i'm gone!)
They see my face and they know that I'm that guy (that's him!)
Panorama Roof, forgis autos I don't lie
Rolex on my wrist and it is a presidential
Ridin' through my hood hop up out the residential (whoa!)
Word around town
Soulja got the Gucci
Shawty lookin' at me (yuh)
Leggo' and make a movie (let's go!)
I been gettin' bands nigga I know you can tell (guap, guap)
Word around town Soulja from the ATL (what, what!?)
Money in the air, I put money on the scale (leggo!)
Breakin' down brick, [?] ounces, pounds, bails


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