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I'm The Truth

[Lil Wayne]
I’m the truth, why would I lie
I walk around this b-tch like a pilot I’m fly (I’m fly)
Hello and bye bye, I leave ya’ll ass in the past like tie-dye

Haha 3 blunts and a maitai
And I’m so well connected like Wi-Fi haha
Me real dread them, they sci-fi
And I murdered bill Nye the science guy

Do what I do and I do it well
I’m an O.G b-tch cant you spell
F-ck wrong wit ya’ll
I ain’t Marvin gay but I can get it on wit ya’ll

Yeah, uh, bouncing,
cant you hear this f-cking beat pounding,
i made so much money I aint counting,
drinking from a fountain,
yeah made a n-gga rich,
drug money, cash money,
better know we in this b-tch,
noting else to do but get high and splurge fountain,
swift with the girls, momma say Im so manish,
and I be all about that beef talk,
tell ya ass to get the issue when the heat sparks,
oops, my fault,
I’ma chill and pop me a pill,
yeah I see a lot of p-ssy with the mass in gears,
give you n-gga flat lines like Billy … with no turkey
how Im posed to tell my pilgrim chill,

[Lil Wayne]
Yea microphone C. H. echa no liquor
Just pain killas and pro mecha young echas
Jump a n-ggas ass like checkers you cant check us
or we all in yea face like freckles trunk speckle

Big shark talk I swim when and wherever
I walk with a fork in my pocket, salt and peppa
Feed me rappers or feed me beats
And if you don’t believe me then leave me be,

Haha I am not human I am just an illusion
Organized confusion amusing haha
I am not losing I am one of the choosen
School of the hard knocks I am just a student

yeah I come bad like Michael,
no homo,
n-ggas screw face so I tend to ride solo,
flying in a spur, we fold …
windows let down,
the barrel get a nose,
the stomach beat a hundred round drum,
weezy, weezy, Im home till the cows come,
the brown paper bag,
and notify accountants,
scrathing fleas off my balls, I’m sick,
since a n-gga got on they jumped on my d-ck,
promoting that sh-t certufied hood,
and if I ever go broke, I’ll be all good,
promise I’ve been doing this since the …
my daddy was a hustla, my brother was a robber,

click clack walk out a barrel of a lama,
in my Jimmy Choos you a fool I am Dharma,
Jeffrey, yes me, I don’t know karma,
only plead the fifth b-tch f-ck your honour,
gimme my porscha, gimme my porscha,
weezy got his so gimme my portion,
run up in a n-gga session this is an extortion,
rip you off the track like abortion,
pistol bang, grasshopper gang,
n-ggas like b-tches right track wrong train,
like Cain I cope, like daddy im dope,
treat yourself and hope you don’t choke,

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