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I Don't Think So

What you think, that this a game, I don’t think so, I don’t think so, I don’t think slow
I see ace in your bling, I blink think so, I don’t think so
What you think, that I’m a lame, obviously niggas jus flippin’ on the game (flippin’ on the game)
I don’t think so, where you wanna go?
She had ass,(she had ass), held her ass fo’ sure

[Verse 1]
Judz know once you’re dry,judz know how you grind
How your jewellry shine, present state a mind
Nigga your presence is the prime, in his prime
Men who stood defenses for the entire pentagon
Glock and the 9, Gotti, Optimus Prime,Intuit, Gemini, Decepticon, Megatron
She likes me, she likes me
I can tell from the way she ask and invites me
The homies don’t really like me, the haters just hate me
They wanna rape me and break me, take me for all that I make
I don’t think so, I don’t break so
You’ll never get nothin pass me that I don’t notice
You’ll never get nothin pass me that I won’t notice
I don’t think so,I don’t think slow
Lil mama got som’n she wanna show me
Probably som’n she know, she know she already owning


[Verse 2]
Silly as a silly dove, mmm know what silly was
Niggas a silly body, me and my buddies really buzz
Ready for anything that happen
Action reaction to respond at the drop of dawn of rations and pieces
Pieces that’s ceases, always a rational thinking
I don’t think so, where you wanna go?
Running hot, and get mama far wrapped up in the linkers
Soon as he see me he was wrapped up before he could start blinkin’
Before he could start blinkin’, he was squat sinking
It’s just alot of lamers, a man to handle your biah
Lil mama, just all over me, she likin the rebel
When a nigga invitin a wolf I’m a lycan
My wrist sparkles, but don’t think I’m soft
When you think of me, nigga think of a boss
I’m a grown man, bitch I ain’t a (boy)
Jus show me what you workin with, you think that I’ll enjoy


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