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I Don't Think You Want It

Drama wit them squad boys (i don't think you want it mannnn)
Yankee step and do that job boy... (i don't think you want it mannnn)
Cus we some quick men, hit men (i don't think you want it mannnn)
And leave you in some quick sand get it man? (i don't think you want it mannnn)

This aint no game boy so say boy heard you was talkin lip
I'm not a good negotiator catch me talkin wit clips.
I walk in and dip, you know im in the back of da club
Wit jsquad boys, in a jimmy sittin on dubs,
On weekdays we grindin out there tryna make a doller
Payoff on da weekend we sleep in and pop collars.
You gotcha set then throw it up!
Grab a bottle pour it up,
Got lil shorty in the cut we heard she likin it rough.

Say i aint the coldest in the game then you must be a lier
I'm the coldest in the game that make the oldest retire, and that's spittin
Fire, but you know most niggas gone hate, that's
Why if you hatin on me, there's no chance will associate

So la

I aint thinkin that you wanit cus we bringin it hard
Tellin every nigga in streets tell dem niggas we hard
Mr. model yankee, we own the tough
And caliber the dutch, wonka that's all of us,
I don't think ya want we bringin it so hard
Quick 2 pull a card if any nigga step into the dark,
Ima claim my set boy squad boy i don't think you wanna play boy, naw boy!
Betta watch wat you sayin get them words up out ya mouf , cus
I hear you talkin shhh... ima show you wat i'm bout,
Put a pistol to ya MOUF until ya scream make it lean i'm the nigga
From the souf steady leanin sippin lean, niggga!

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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