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I Go Through So Much

I go through so much, so I try to stay fucked up
Because, when I'm sober I can't maintain
Even though I do my best, the only thing I earn is stress
So I, spend most of my days chilling with Mary Jane

Lately I've been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter
So when I sing my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir
My every thought is pain, strain is stressing me to death
Everyday is like a rehearsal, that's prepping me for death
I think I'm ready, because this world ain't no friend of mine
Only thing I qualify fo', is murder and Penitentiary time
Y'all should of shot me in the jimmy, instead
But I guess they was feeling eachother, and get head in the bed
Here I am, first born torn between heaven and hell
I tell my people say no to dope, but I let it sell
Need to practice my preaching, calling the kettle black
I know I'm a Pac before or not, I gotta peddle crack
Ain't nobody got my back except the laws, when they on it
So I be going for broke, demolishing my opponents
Leaving no traces, just blood on faces believe that
HK I'mma squeeze that, you won't even wan' be back


I can't focus I'm losing my mind, real fast
Dreaming and fiending for the day, I can make some real cash
Dropping album after album, platinum song after song
But it's like I ain't did nothing, cause the lights ain't on
How can I win, it's like everything I do is a motherfucking sin
It got a nigga fiending, to see my end
All of my friends are fake, they come around when I'm spending cash
But when I'm broke they out the do', with wheels spinning fast
Lonely, daily dodging the devil but he on me
Telling my people fuck him, cause he be working through my homies
Burning bridges, and I don't give a fuck
Remember y'all laughing at me, when I couldn't get a buck
It's all gravy baby, I got bigger hurdles I'm trying to jump over my residence
And my fear, gon be something I dump over
And it might not be much, but it's all I got
So when I paint it, promethazyne is all I pop


I trust nobody even best friends, be digging your grave
Niggas go on lock, when they come out wifey giving them AIDS
I don't give a fuck what anybody think, about me
When I was breaking my back for em, they didn't think about me
Got hot at a nigga, but they know that I'm raw
Too nervous to face a madman, so they go and shoot up my car
I got too many niggas, trying to take me off of my game
And every woman I be feeling, be fucking with my brain
Now that I'm gone, I love you mean I'm leaving you soon
Plus I don't feel the way I did, at first I need me some room
Too familiar with heart ache and pain, it don't hurt no mo'
Just homesick, I don't wanna be on this earth no mo'
Flirt with my chrome 4-4, cause she believe what I say
She ain't gon ask me no questions, she just gon leave em to lay
And leaving no traces, just blood on faces she down with it
Stay rolling around with me, when I'm down she down with me

[Hook - 2x]

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