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I Got Nobody Waiting For Me

I've got nobody waiting for me
There's no one that I have to see
Anytime, anyplace that I said I would be
Finally I'm free and I'll be anywhere

I'll chase my tail till I fall in a heap
Now all that I have to lose is some sleep
And I'll give away all of the hours you keep
Finally I'm me and I'll be anywhere

I'll stay out until the sun makes a play
For the sky and a new day's begun
I'll sit up the back of the bus
And without any fuss I will travel

'Cause I've got no one to weigh on my mind
No footsteps are dragging behind
As fingers reach out for the feeling in mind
I got nobody waiting for me

All that money grows out on the trees
Notes float along like seeds on the breeze
And they're easy to catch but they hatch a disease
That eats away the soul of you, the whole of you

And all those wages we make for our sins
Become the cages we lock ourselves in
Become the age that is marked on our skin
But I'm not gonna worry 'bout all that 'cause

I'll live on the taste of the air
This is life without care and I like it this way
I'll lie across the whole of the bed
In the world in my head, I will travel

But I've got nobody left to impress
No neck for my lips to caress
As I work out the buttoned up back of a dress
I got nobody waiting for me

Nobody's waiting for me
No, nobody's waiting for me

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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